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Welcome to Ultimate African Adventures, your ticket to the complete African hunting adventure.

Imagine trekking through the bushveld of Africa and seeing magnificent creatures at every turn. Imagine coming face to face with a massive 1800 pound Eland Bull in thick cover after a long stalk and making a one shot kill. Or evaluating numerous trophy Kudus or elusive Impalas before taking the best one with a perfect shot. Or waiting patiently at the water hole for the shot at a crusty old Warthog with long tusks like you've always wanted. And imagine setting around the campfire at night reliving the day's events with your friends and hearing the stories told by your African hosts about hunts past. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that you prepared your whole life for this and were finally able to experience it just as you had dreamed of for so many years.

These wonders await you at Ultimate African Adventures, where we have prepared everything to provide you with these experiences and help you make your dreams come true. Our properties are well populated with trophy class animals of all species and are staffed with top quality professional hunters and support personnel who will provide you with first class lodging, meals, service, and hunting.

In addition, we are organized to help you with all the little things that can make for a wonderful trip without burdening you with the headaches that can come with trying to do it on your own. We don't just do the hunts, we can help you at every step of the way in preparing for your trip, making travel arrangements, obtaining permits, and the all important preparation and shipping of your trophies after the hunt.

Browse our website and see the wonders that await you in Africa and the services that we can offer to turn your dreams of African hunting into reality. Then give us a call to let us discuss how we can provide you with the best African hunting adventure there is.

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